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Fatherhood Demands More than You Can Give

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I’ve been feeling strange lately with regards to fatherhood, and I don’t have a great way to describe exactly what it is.

The Case for LED Bulbs (Updated June 2016)

Note: I wrote this article originally nearly three years ago. Since then, prices have changed drastically on LED bulbs so I’ve applied updates to the article in blue text. 

Much Catching Up to Do

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Man, it has been a long time since I’ve written in here. Not since my grandfather died back in 2014 have I made an entry,

Saying Goodbye to Grandpa

On Friday, I returned home to Iowa from a 4-day trip down to Mississippi to attend the funeral of my grandfather,


Life seems to be moving in fast-forward, these days. Every chance I get to make a new entry here, there has been some major development in my little corner of the world to share with the three of you who will see this.

Settled in to the New House

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Since I haven’t made an update in a while, I thought I’d touch on a few random topics on this lazy Sunday afternoon.

Buying a New House Before Selling Your Current One

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In November of 2012, the house next door to my parents went up for sale and my wife and I were instantly intrigued.

Fun with Genealogy

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While my wife was at work yesterday evening, I was sitting on the couch with my laptop when a commercial for came up on the television.


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The first speed bump of 2013 hit me like a truck last week. Every financial analyst at the company I work for was pulled into a room (about 60 including the managers) for a conference call.

Settle Down and Get Moving

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With 2012 officially in the rear view, things have definitely calmed down in my life… temporarily, that is. It’s winter in Iowa,