I’m starting up a bucket list, and this is something that I want to share with the readers of my website. As with any good bucket list, I will include things that I actually have already done as well as things I plan to do. I believe that a good bucket list should be a living document, so I’ll be adding things to this as I think of new things I want to do.

  1. Become born. (Thanks, Mom and Dad!)
  2. Live in a different country (When my father was in the military, I lived in Okinawa, Japan for about a year.)
  3. Travel to 10 different countries
  4. Ride a bicycle for 50 miles in one day
  5. Get down to my ideal weight of 180 pounds or less
  6. Go sky-diving
  7. Go parasailing
  8. Ride a zip-line in the jungle
  9. Be a Big Brother in the Big Brothers/Big Sisters program (I have been doing this for more than two years now)
  10. Go 140mph in a car – legally
  11. Own a vehicle that is zero-emissions such as electric or hydrogen
  12. Go scuba-diving
  13. Marry my best friend and soul-mate
  14. See the pyramids in egypt
  15. Own a house or condo in a beautiful vacation destination
  16. Ride in a helicopter
  17. Ride in a hot air balloon
  18. Learn to surf
  19. Own a nice telescope and become an amateur astronomer
  20. Witness a total solar eclipse
  21. Fly a plane
  22. See a whale in its natural habitat
  23. Graduate from college
  24. Own a revenue-producing business of some kind
  25. Attend a Dallas Cowboys game
  26. Attend a Super Bowl
  27. Fly first class
  28. Find my Doppelganger
  29. Be 100% completely debt-free (mortgage included)
  30. Eat Sushi in Japan
  31. Get a hot stone massage
  32. Go an entire weekend without using my computer, cell phone, or television
  33. Travel somewhere distant by train
  34. Join Toastmasters
  35. Own a classic car
  36. Save a human life
  37. Take a weekend vacation on a whim simply because I could get a cheap flight
  38. Go to Las Vegas
  39. See the Bodies Exhibit in Las Vegas